Quick Takes

I am trying to get in the habit of being in touch again… with my friends, my blog, my life. Here’s my lame attempt… my very own Quick Takes (even if it isn’t Friday yet).

1. Work is busy and getting busier. I’m completely swamped, underwater, overwhelmed…and yet thankful to be busy. Thankful to be gainfully employed. Thankful to like the guys I work with. Thankful that in spite of the stress, I like our company, I like what we do, and dang the guys in the office are funny people. What a blessing! Balance continues to be elusive, but we’re making some small steps in the right direction, and for today, I choose to be thankful (remind me of that tomorrow, okay?).

2. It is fall. There are a lot of great things about fall that I like every year but I am not ready for fall. I am in denial that we’re not still somewhere mid-August, when I feel like my life seriously derailed…and suddenly I am beginning to wake up and realize it is mid-October. Ahhh.

3. The big dog ate the bathroom garbage again today. Just picture this, she lives with a bunch of women… okay nevermind, stop picturing that. Anyway, this is now the second time the bathroom garbage has been raided. All these years of fighting with her about stealing food from the counters and she hasn’t been surfing the counters at all but then suddenly her taste changes… and it is… ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Dogs are gross, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The rest of you close the bathroom door to keep toddlers out of the toilet- I now need to learn to close the bathroom door to keep the dog from eating … um… unmentionable disgustingness. Thank you Maggie. Life is never dull with you around.

4. I got to have dinner with some of my favorite people last night. As always, I am reminded that I am so incredibly blessed to have such terrific friends. A few weeks back, a good friend of my parents asked me if I was okay, if I had some good support in this difficult season. I was almost taken back by the question. Me?? Oh I’m good, I’ve got my friends, my people. Once again, just realizing how blessed I am to have so many faithful, supportive, wonderful people in my life. God is so good to me!!

5. This past weekend I applesauced with two different crowds. So much fun. Applesaucing is one of my favorite canning ventures because it is cool enough and you aren’t sweating like a pig (peach season is fun but hot) and the smell of fall and leaves and apples permeates the air… mmmmm…. Anyway, it was delightful. I’m stocked up on applesauce for the next year, got some great quality time in with friends and family alike, and have a big bag of apples left to turn into pies or other such appley desserts. Mmmm. Apple season is one of my favorite things about fall.

6. My fall wedding is a week and half away. All the details are coming together as far as I can tell. I now have a dress, shawls on the way, shoes, and time off work. It is really happening. I am soooo happy for my friend who is getting married and looking forward to an eventful, wedding-ful weekend, celebrating God’s faithfulness to my good friend and spending the weekend with some delightful new friends too. What a life I live 🙂

7. I need to get back to monthly goals for my life, something to actually accomplish one month at a time… but October has been too nuts to actually decide on a goal. Maybe November… Stay tuned on that. My goal for November is to have goals again. We’ll see if I can pull that off.

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