Munchkin Time (aka Teaching Important Life Skills)

Saturday morning three of my favorite kids arrived bright and early bearing some beautiful fall mums, donuts for breakfast, cheerful smiles, and overnight bags. There’s a recipe for a good weekend.

One of our projects was to set up the guest room. Since Elana moved out, it’s just a mostly empty room with curtains that don’t match. Which simply won’t do. The blue floral curtains looked great when the walls were light blue, but the bright green doesn’t work with them. Sigh. Enter Meijer clearance shelf. There they were, chocolate brown curtains marked down to $10 each and then an additional 25% off. Perfect. So I bought three panels (two for the windows, 1 for the closet). I had also gotten a daybed frame off craigslist a few weeks ago to house the mattress that’s been on the floor in there for quite some time. So this morning Jane and Lucy and I put the guest bedroom together (or as Jane calls it “our new room”). We put the bed frame together, added the mattress, took down the old curtains and put up the new ones. And there are now about 30 stuffed animals living in the dresser. Jane was a little concerned though, “Aunt Reenie, the closet is still empty. We have to put something in there!” She was also very proud of herself for arranging her teddy bear to sit in the corner of her new room. Perfect.

In addition, Lucy learned what I deem to be an Important Life Skill. Under my careful tutelage, she removed the old broken electrical plate cover and installed the new one. She was clearly digging the project and stood back to admire her handiwork. “That looks SO much better.” I did tell her that no matter where she goes and what she does in life, it is always important to know how to replace switch plates. There we go, teach niece important life skill, check!

Sunday got even more exciting. Two more nephews arrived to join in the fun. And Elijah from next door came for pretty much the whole afternoon. I even managed to get a few things done while everyone was playing, well a few things beyond enjoying the beautiful sunny warm weekend and the very entertaining company.

Suzie got a TON of love all weekend. She’s horribly itchy again (after a couple weeks of fooling me into thinking things were improving). Every few minutes one of the kids would scritch scratch her and call excitedly “Look, I got her leg is going” as her leg would twitch and try to scratch. It’s a great game and nearly qualifies as yet another Important Life Skill– but not quite (especially when every inch of this dog is an itchy mess right now). By the end of tonight, Suze was tired and ready for some space. Being followed and loved every minute of a weekend does get a little exhausting, even for a dog as needy as the Suze.

Maggie, in her own right, earned points this weekend. She now lets Geno order her around (some anyway), will take treats gently out of the kids hands without growling, played several rounds of the “down stay treat” trick with Jane, and was generally okay with the kids all weekend. Look at Maggie finally acquiring some Important Life Skills. We barely had to shut her in the basement (except for today, because let’s be honest, even with a good weekend going, 6 small (and very unpredictable) kids would have blown that out of the water).

Lucy: Geno, here’s something to chop people’s heads off with.
Geno: Oh thanks Lucy!

Jane: Shiny has a lovely big house. Shiny is a very lucky dinosaur.

Lucy, what is that?
It’s a decoration.
Lucy, battles don’t have decorations.
Geno, it’s a Castle not a Battle.
The battle is going to happen at the castle. Argh.

Jane: “Can I be done? … Wait (correcting herself), it’s May. May I be done?”
Lucy: “It’s not May, it’s OCTOBER! heh heh heh”
We’ve got another punster on our hands. Those Cous genes run strong. 🙂

Here’s my list of accomplishments — not up to my usual weekend standard, but not bad considering (and yes, this list is for me not you– seriously, why are you still reading? get a life already):
scoop & mow backyard
pick stuff from garden
bake bread
feed kids all 3 meals (clean up after all three meals) each day
oven roast tomatoes (some for dinner, 1 bag for the freezer)
sweep the entire first floor
clear roadtrip crap from dining room table
put an extra dinner in the freezer for later
clean the downstairs bathroom
bathe the dog
set up the guest room (mentioned above)
read a lot of short stories
Sam’s club run
clean up toys, books and crayons (numerous times)
wash (but not fold) two loads of laundry
water the house plants
cut the girls hair
soak in the gorgeous weather

One thought on “Munchkin Time (aka Teaching Important Life Skills)

  1. Reenie, you're awesome! That was a heck of a lot to get done, and to do, with them all:) Thanks for sharing everything…and those quotes. I can just hear them saying all those things!

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