So much to say, so little time

I figured I should update this blog just so the angsty post moves on down the line. Can’t have that be the last thing on there. Lately I have tons to say but this isn’t the place. And other stories to recount that are certainly blog-appropriate but no time to say them.

Suffice it to say… September is now over. What a wild month!! Out of town 3 out of the 4 weekends (and stories to tell from all of them). Stay tuned. Some day I may tell you about a Very Bridesmaid Chicago Adventure (aka “The Drinks are in the Sink”). Or the Awesome Ladies Weekend (wish I could come up with an awesome tagline for this) in St. Joseph, MI. Or the car ride with a car sick toddler. Or about meeting my new neighbors. Or about my latest adventure to New Orleans to pack up and move an apartment. And the awesome time I had with my brothers who live there and the rest of my fam who I traveled with. Heck, if I get really crazy I may even post pictures from some of those awesome events.

But for now… I am shocked it is October. Exhausted beyond belief. And thankful for a Father who continues to give His grace in abundance in all things. God is good.

Good night all.

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