Blog Angst

As you may know, I am opposed on principle to blog angst. Angst somewhere else, right? But today I have this almost irresistable urge to angst right here on the old blog…

Breathing… breathing… breathing…

Okay, here goes: I am getting sick during a week I simply do not have time to get sick. Have that tickle in the back of the throat and general unwell feeling beginning. Probably just a cold, but still, I do not have time to get sick. I have three evening meetings / activities planned this week leading up to leaving town for a long weekend to drive a long way to move some people that I love. I’m not upset about the trip- I’m honored to be able to help out in this way. And besides, I’m kind of excited for the adventure, happy for some good old fashioned family roadtripping, glad for the chance to see some of my far away brothers, but also just a little overwhelmed at the busy beginning of the week and this confounded almost-cold I am fighting. Say a prayer. I have talked to the Almighty about the state of things, but I can use all the help I can get.

In addition: My dining room smells like dog. There is dog hair in the corners. I haven’t met the new neighbors, who, incidentally, were grilling just off their carport while staring into my dilapidated vegetable garden- which seems a little weird. The tub needs re-grouting in spite of the “lifetime guarantee” of last year’s grout. I’m not sleeping well lately. I have an awesome story that I want to write down before I forget all the details but haven’t had time. It is now dark at 8 pm. Work is scheduling more and more meetings before 8 am, which annoys me. It throws off my morning Mass schedule and just makes for really long days. Seriously people, lets have some meetings after 8 am for a change. And speaking of work… never mind, let’s not speak of work, that could take this much further than I intended. Let’s just consider work ranted over.

And to make up for that little rant… I am thankful for so many things, and have no right to rant at all. Here’s my happy thoughts:
– I got to see some friends this weekend who are very dear to me, and my darling Goddaughter
– I had dinner out with a friend tonight, great to catch up with her
– I had a Saturday at home
– I spent part of that Saturday at home with two dear boys (my nephews)
– My favorite baby brother came over and did yard work for me. Sometimes good help is invaluable, and it was invaluable to me having him doing the mowing while I attempted to get a few things done in the house and yard (while hanging out with above dear boys)
– My new niece and sister in law have now arrived, can’t wait to meet the new girlie… now I just need to not get fully sick and find a moment to go see her sometime before leaving town.
– I went to Mass at my home parish today after 3-4 weeks elsewhere. I love my parish!
– The little dog appears to be itching slightly less than before. Still needs drugging around the clock, but I think the bath helped and it is getting later in the season
– There are flowers blooming, which always lightens my mood.
– This fall weather is absolutely lovely.
– The limestone base on my road is down so the mucky mess of the last few weeks is better. Still not completed but much more livable.
– I love my homies. They rock.
– I am truly blessed with fabulous friends (some of whom are crazy enough to still be reading this ranting blog post).

There you have it. Stream of consciousness for today. I apologize for breaking my “no blog angst” rule and promise to do better in the future. Happy Sunday!

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