September: Chapter 1

September began with great (long) weekend up north at the Mitzel’s lake house. I got to spend the weekend with 8 great friends and their 11 awesome kids, all in one big house!! So I got in some good baby snuggles, some great visiting and game playing with the adults, lots of play time with the kiddos and overall some good relaxing in. Fabulous!!

Monica is a very funny toddler. She is kind of shy in new situations but gets very free and very weird once she’s comfortable with you (just like her dad). A few great Monica moments from the weekend:

Splashing and flopping like a nut in the lake for an hour– “Rainie look!” (She calls me Rainie). She flopped and giggled and flopped some more, barely able to contain how funny she was. When we finally dragged her out and I wrapped her in a towel she said matter-of-factly “I was just exercising.” Oh is that what that was? Awesome. Love that kid.

My other favorite was her pole dancing while reciting the Canticle of Zechariah. Monica has an amazing memory and can recite books, prayers, pretty much anything she’s ever heard. I started her off “Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel”… she continued the canticle “He has come to His people and set them free…” and continued the canticle to the end while dancing around this pole. So strange and so funny. Kids are awesomely weird.

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I do have the greatest friends ever.
PS. Don’t worry friends, I will share an album of pictures at some point… it’s just my slow internet and overly busy self that hasn’t downloaded and processed them. Soon though, very soon…

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