August Rush

Apparently it has been really quiet here… I cannot believe how fast August is rushing by and I keep wishing I could slow it all down, ’cause once August is done, we’re on to fall and you know what comes next? Okay, I won’t say it, but it feels like it is coming awfully fast.

So far August has been a rather high drama and insanely busy month, we’ll see what I remember:

1. Celebrating my brother Emmet’s 21st birthday (makes me feel really old).

2. Going to see the same brother’s band perform in a show in Ypsi. My mom came and as we sat in the outdoor patio area of this bar, having a beer before the show, she pulls her knitting out of her bag. Oh gosh. We told her in no uncertain terms the knitting was not allowed inside the bar. It just simply does not do to knit during a rock show in a bar. The show was good- the drummer (neighbor from growing up) was fabulous. Emmet was a fabulous base player. And the guitarist was good at the guitar and did more yelling than singing. Guess you can’t have it all.

3. Taking my little sister shopping for dorm supplies. You heard that right, my baby sister is heading of the Franciscan University in just a couple days!! We had a blast navigating ikea in search of the necessary bedding, plastic bins, closet organizers and other critical items. I’m so happy for her and yet it is hard to believe she’s heading off to college!! I’m going to miss her!

4. Work… lots of stuff going on at work. I inserted myself, for the good of the company (believe me, it was absolutely necessary) in the middle of some politics between the bosses. Intense for me, especially since I try to avoid politics and conflict at all costs. But I am still sure it was the right thing and hope it brings about some needed changes. Still working too many hours, but I’ve been averaging high forties instead of fifties, so I guess I’m still trending in the right direction.

5. Tomatoes. The tomatoes are rolling in. The plants aren’t doing fabulously- they got leaf spot and something is eating half of the ripe tomatoes closest to the ground– but as usual, if you plant enough, no matter how badly you do, you’re bound to have plenty. Mmmm I love tomato season. So far I canned one big batch of salsa and tonight I made a big batch of fresh salsa. Lots more to come.

6. Celebrated my sister in law Lindsey’s birthday last night– same day as my brother Garrett- though he lives far away so I had to celebrate his from a distance. August is an insane birthday month in our family… and at the end of the month, my dad turns 60! Gasp! That’s practically old!

7. Cous family reunion with the extended family last weekend.

8. Doctrine classes at church (fabulous!)

9. Suzie has begun the late August trend of attempting to scratch all the fur off her body. I predict we make it another week before I break down and take her to the vet for her annual August steroids round.

10. They are replacing the water main on my street and repaving parts of the surrounding streets. So everything is torn up and I’m never sure which way to go out in the morning. Strangely this has made me miss my civil engineering world / job more than usual. I know what goes into these projects. I used to be the one prepping all the bid docs, processing change orders and pay requests… I miss those days. And somehow my street being ripped up floods those memories back– not that it’s a bad thing, I just never could have told you that road construction would make me so nostalgic 🙂

11. Softball has been a blast, maybe my favorite season ever. Tomorrow is our final tournament. Sad to see it coming to an end. It sure has been fun.

12. And somewhere in there I’ve visited a few friends, cleaned a few bathrooms, mowed the lawn, worked on plans for the next couple weeks, and attempted to keep my head above water. I am no further ahead on any projects or anything else, but at least I am still treading water for the time being.

Okay, there you have it. August so far. I hope it slows down for this final week…

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