Top Ten for today

Things I’m loving lately:

1. Sunday Softball: I truly love it. So much fun to be out in the sun, playing games with my friends. And this year is the most evenly competetive it’s been in years, just all around good times. Not to mention the ADORABLE fans we have, the awesome umpire… okay, I’m really enjoying it– ’nuff said.

2. The gardens… the roses are blooming, the rose of sharon is blooming, the tiger lilies are blooming, the tomatoes are ripening… love it!

3. My friends: I am so blessed with amazing friends in my life. This week I was overly social– meaning plans with friends every single night. And yes, this week my introverted self may need an evening at home alone with the lights off… and yet, I am so profoundly grateful for the amazing people I share my life with. I am blessed!!

4. Daily Mass. This is far from being #4 on my list in order of importance. It was a good week and I actually made it to Mass every single day and as always, my week is better when I start it the right way each day. I am thankful for the many priests and parishes surrounding me that makes it possible. I am blessed!!

5. I love every single thing about summer. Every. Single. Thing.

6. My godchildren– some of the coolest munchkins I know. And I’ve gotten to see the three local ones in the last 2 weeks, which always manages to just make me more mush over them… and it makes me miss my long distance ones more too.

7. Homegrown tomatoes.

8. Air conditioning.

9. My car. I just like it. A lot.

10. Weekends. I do love weekends.

Life is good.

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