2 days and counting…

This is it… the week before vacation… never a particularly peaceful time. And maybe even less so than usual because I don’t know how on earth they are going to manage next week. On the one hand, that sounds conceited. But really it’s just the reality, I am the hub. That’s my job. It’s what I do. So next week could get really interesting with no hub there keeping things spinning. I told my boss today (when he was panicking a little about next week) that next week they would all realize how much they miss me… or realize they don’t need me at all. Either way, coming back will be interesting (and I won’t dwell on that again until next Sunday night around 9 pm). In the meantime, I’m trying to get a lot done this week at work…

And things at home are busy too. All the usual stuff. Plus scanning photos for a slideshow for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Plus dog sitting (though we love having Buck here). Plus house cleaning. Plus paying bills. Plus cleaning for a BBQ on Friday. Plus trying to see some good friends who will be in town this week. Plus anticipating my sister and her family coming in (hooray!!!) Plus laundry and packing for vacation. And buying dog food (don’t forget the dog food whatever you do). Yeah, I’m working myself up to needing a vacation even more than usual (is that even possible?).

The launch to vacation will be intense:
Mon-Thursday – work like a crazy person to get stuff ready for me to leave.
Friday – I’m off work except conference call first thing (meaning my vacation technically begins at 10.30 am). Then mowing the lawn, hosting a BBQ (can’t wait to see everyone).
Saturday – wedding for a family friend, help wrangle friend’s toddlers at wedding and reception (yes, some of my favorite toddlers, so I’m definitely looking forward to some quality time!)
Sunday – pack the car in the morning, Mass in Monroe (mid day) and reception for my grandparent’s 60th anniversary. Back to Saline for 2 softball games. Drive up north after the games end (around 9 pm). And finally vacation…

A whole week with my extended family… it’s going to be awesome… Can’t. Wait…

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