Tips for avoiding a good funk

After a rather funktastic week on all fronts, I was heading home on Tuesday (and it felt much later in the week than a Tuesday) and knew I was prime for a meltdown… I had an evening at home that I wanted to use productively, but knew that I would squander it staring into space in exhaustion, crying and/or feeling sorry for myself. So I picked up the phone and requested this sweet girl for the evening. I stopped at home just long enough to change, grab one dog, abandoning the other to howl the evening away in her loneliness, and headed out.

So instead of a funktastic evening, I had a fabulous evening with a girl I love. And boy is she ever funny 🙂

Me, telling her we were heading to walk by this big cow farm: “I’m so getting a cow when I grow up.”

Lu: “Know what animal I like?”


Lu: “Penguins.”

Me: “Oooh cool. And are you going to get a penguin when YOU grow up?”

Lu: “Don’t be ridiculous. What would I do with a Penguin?”

A few minutes later, we were driving by the cow farm I was talking about,

Me: “Look cow!!”

Lu: “Look penguin!!”

Me: “Where???”

Lu: “just kidding.” (she chuckles as I pretend to scan the farms). “Aunt Reenie, I didn’t REALLY see a penguin, it was a joke.”

Love it!

We walked my favorite 4 mile country road loop with Suzie, discussing all kinds of important things, and composing out loud a new best seller “Suzie the Strange.” Can’t give it all away here, but it is gripping! Naturally at the end of the walk, when Suzie was good and muddy from all the puddle plopping, another dog came out, so Suzie ended up wrapped around my legs covering me in her filth. Lucy couldn’t stop laughing. Even when we stopped for ice cream and I went in public covered with mud, she pointed at my muddy legs, giggling the whole time and talking me into a large ice cream for such a small girl. Ah good times!!

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