MLIA: Pulled over for walking with a nun

Yesterday I got to spend the morning with one of my best friends from middle school and high school. She entered the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist on my eighteenth birthday and we’ve written a couple times a year since, although I think the last time I saw her for more than a minute or two was 8-10 years ago for a five minute walk. It just isn’t the same. She was home for a visit this week and managed to sqeeze in a morning for me!! Hooray!!

She came to the house, we drank coffee and started on our 10-year catch up session. Midway through we decided to go for a walk and we headed out past town 10 minutes to farm country- my favorite place to walk. She was driving so we missed a turn off that I usually make to walk a specific 4 mile loop, so we just parked along the road and started, figuring we’d just do a different loop—probably about the same distance. Well we walked, turned right onto Grass Rd, still assuming we’d reach another internal country road and could complete the loop… nope. Austin Road, which is a paved two lane highway. Not as peaceful as the dirt roads, but still fine. And we assumed we could still complete the loop. We walked, talked, walked, and I started wondering where the road that cuts through is. We kept walking and walking (and talking, of course—did I mention catching up on ten years?!) Anyway, at some point, as I’m beginning to worry about how far we’ve walked without finding a road and starting the loop back toward the car, a cop car drives by. A few minutes later, I see him coming back toward us.

I turn to Sister and said “I think we’re going to get pulled over, I assume he’s after you.” We laughed and then just about died when he slowed down and pulled over for us. “Can I help you ladies? Are you okay?”

We explained we’d been making a loop and overestimated how far it was. He said he’d looked for a stalled car and didn’t see anything and asked if he could give us a lift since this highway didn’t accommodate the best walking (and it was getting pretty hot!) Since we were still a LONG way from the car, and Sister had to be at the airport in an hour, we took him up on it.

And that is how I found myself, climbing into the dirty, crowded back of a cop car, with my friend, a nun, in full Dominican habit. Awesome. The cop was great and made conversation with us as he drive us the rest of the way to our car… which, as it turns out, was still a long way (like 4 miles or so) from where he picked us up. We made it back to the house in time for me to feed Sister lunch and send her to her next appointment, still laughing about getting pulled over by a cop… for walking with a nun.

And my only regret? I didn’t have my camera with me!! What was I thinking???

My Life is Awesome!

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