Crazy things I think about a lot lately (in no particular order):
1. Backyard chickens. I have the coop, it only needs a couple repairs / alterations and any day now I might break down and try it.
2. Home cooking for the dogs. Not because I’m one of those dog people– but because Suzie’s allergies are so bad all the time and I feel I should try something!
3. Sheep. I desperately want sheep. And goats. And these adorable mini-milk cows. Spring makes me want sheep even more than usual. Lots of farm dreaming going on around here.
4. Ireland. I want to go back there one of these days. I actually want to live there, farming my sheep right up to the cliffs that go down to the ocean. Gosh I love Ireland.
5. Road tripping west again. So many friends, so many new babies to see, so much time on the road and away from the reality of my life. It won’t happen anytime soon, but I’m thinking about it.
6. Projects. Lots and lots of projects to catch up on. Will probably never actually catch up, but it’s nice to dream.
7. Prince Charming. Or my equivalent. How long does a girl have to wait??? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. And seriously, how does one meet guys when all they do is work and try to catch up on their life and hang out with awesome friends who are all married with kids? It’s complicated.
8. Family. Family has been on my mind a lot. My family. The people I love dearest. The ones close by who I never see. The ones far away who I never see. Must spend more time with my family. And say a prayer for my Grandma who is in the hospital with pnemonia.
9. Flowers. I do love flowers. The irises are starting to bloom. The rose bushes are covered with buds. The lilacs are blooming and more on the way. Flowers brighten my life.
10. Patriotism. All the American flags are out. We celebrate Memorial Day this weekend and all the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. Thanks to each and every one of you, we value your sacrifice, your gift, your patriotism.

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