Loving the sunshine

We have had two more weeks of rain around here… so the yard is atrocious!! I had spent all that time taming the jungle 2 weeks ago, only to have it either too wet or too dark anytime I was home to deal with it. So today I left work early (after a scant 48 hour, completely mentally exhausting work week)… and came home to face the music. The front is at least done- had to mow over it twice. Still need to weed whack. I even weeded the front flower bed and moved a couple plants. Then on to the back… about half done. RIDICULOUS. The grass is either really thick back there or non-existant and overrun with dandelions. Not a pretty sigh. And yet… gosh I love being outside, and sunny days, and a yard to cut. And even the dandelions looked beautiful reflecting in the setting sun. It’s great to be home and in my yard…even if it seems like I’m losing the battle to the weeds right now.

And now, for the list of things that need my attention outside:
1. Weed vegetable garden and prep for planting
2. Move some flowers from vegetable garden to elsewhere
3. New garden bed boundaries for berry garden. Weed. Add compost. Move some plants.
4. Weed lilac border garden. Get rid of sunflower things taking over the whole area. Take time to smell the lilacs.
5. Middle of backyard garden box… Ugh. New boundaries. Dig up most of it and completely rennovate. Add compost. Weed.
6. Try not to mow over and kill clematis again (like the last 3 years).
7. Redeck playstructure.
8. Decide on Operation Backyard Chicken…
9. Side garden bed – weed. Get rid of bishop’s weed trying to creep in. Harness lemon balm or get rid of it altogether.
10. Weed whack edges of everything.
11. Plant vegetable garden.
12. Not to mention cutting down the 6 huge pine trees of much loathing, ripping out and replacing the patio and driveway, and regrading the entire yard….

Baby steps, Reenie, baby steps.

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