Today I am thankful.
For life.
For Sunday.
For a fabulous parish.
For a community of believers.
For the gift of the Eucharist.
For friends.
For family.
For sunshine and rain.
For blustery wind.
For spring flowers.
For birds in the sky.
For new life bursting forth.
For new babies.
For cute toddlers.
For Holy Week.
For the depth, the meaning, the symbolism.
For the mysteries we celebrate.
For fabulous housemates.
For the cute dogs.
For a moment to be.
For a heart that breaks.
For the ones that break it.
For the mercy of a Father who knows it all.
For my Godchildren.
For nieces and nephews.
For the ones still on the way.
For answered prayer.
For unanswered prayer.
For work.
For play.
For projects.
For home.
For limitations.
For boundaries.
For weakness.
For forgiveness.
For strength beyond my own.
For Love that knows no bounds.
I am thankful.

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