News from The Lark

My goal at the beginning of the week was 48 hours. And I really thought I’d done it when I walked out at 4:15 today… but when you actually do the math, that makes it 49.5 hours. Still… I walked out at 4:15 pm!!!!!! This is huge. Next week is going to be a doozy since a lot of this week was just dealing with crisis and not actually dealing with the day to day stuff… but still, I left at 4:15… and met up with the guys from work. My guys. I love them. We’re the “in the office” crew— the ones with no actual authority who do the daily grind stuff to make the thing work. There’s drama — big drama, big stress, big uncertainty…. and somehow I am in the middle of it all because I know too much, and am intricately involved in all the details, whether I like it or not. And yet the four of usin the office are (attempting) making things churn in spite of it. And Dominick’s downtown is open. So I drank a quart of sangria; we laughed, we ranted, we ended a very stressful week on a good note- with sangria and beer. How could you go wrong?

I am blessed. I love my coworkers. And in spite of an insane week, I’m so thankful that we are in it together, we are a team, and we are moving forward. I love my people.

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