My initial plan was to work 48 hours this week– whittling down from a 55-60 hr average week to something reasonable. Last week was 51.5 hours… and this week was going to be slighly less… Thanks to baby Andrew whose arrival occupied much of Sunday night / Monday morning, I called into work on Monday that I would be napping and would check in later. When I called in, the afternoon meeting I was supposed to have had been moved anyway, so I told them I’d just stay home. I worked from home returning emails and had several calls from the office… but still, it was a 2 hour Monday instead of a 12 hour Monday. Rock on! Tuesday was a nice manageable 9.5 hour day, I left at a nice reasonable time. Made it home in time for a lovely evening walk downtown with a homie. And today, also just a nice 10.5 hour day. It was an insane day- I left my desk a complete disaster, too much to handle tomorrow. But my boss was asking what needed to happen, and I listed a dozen things, ending with a desperate “And I need to go home!” He said, “Great, cut checks and go home.” Nice to have some support in that department. I got interrupted 27 more times and had one more impromptu meeting… but I still managed to leave at 6 pm. Slowly but surely making some progress… we’ll see how the next two days finish out…

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