The end

Well there it is. The fridge has retired. Died. Over. Sigh. Though unplanned, I’m not complaining, it really could have been much worse. I knew it wasn’t going to last a lot longer- of course I hoped that it would, but had low expectations. I bought it 3 or 4 years ago for $200. I knew it was temporary at best and I repaired it twice. On the second time, I saw other parts that made me suspect it wouldn’t be here forever… but it lasted another year. Okay, that’s reasonable.

So, in the midst of this rather annoying circumstance, I am thankful:
– that it happened on a day I was home from work by 7.
– that I was able to go right out to our local Lowes to secure a new one, that will be delivered on Saturday.
– that I have housemates right now whose rent will help cover the expense.
– that it was clearly the excuse I needed to purge the fridge and freezer– stuff gets lost in there sometimes!
– that it happened on garbage day, so all the cleaning of the fridge/freezer trash won’t linger.
– that it is cold enough outside to stick the refrigerator stuff out on the patio in bins to keep cold.
– that Elana was here to make it much more entertaining.
– that we now have two crockpots full of some kind of veggie soup – I’m calling it “the freezer broke soup” so I threw in all the thawing veggies. Now I just need a lot of people who want some veggie soup… and I’m thankful that I live near people I know who lend out their crockpot in fridge emergencies 😉
– that I got to call a friend who also recently replaced appliances and we had a good laugh over it.
– that I had three kinds of meat for dinner: chicken, sausage, and steak. How lucky am I?
– that the sun was shining today.
– that I only have 4 hours of work tomorrow to make my 50 hours goal (and at this moment I am even dreaming I may make it out of there).
– that in spite of a long, dramatic week at work, I can still laugh about my stupid old fridge breaking and be grossed out by the dog licking up thawing freezer drippings (ew)
– that the garbage… crap, I gotta run and take out the garbage!! Hold that thought…

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