Still searching for balance…

Lately it feels like a losing battle, but I am determined to find some balance again!! Things are crazy this week at The Lark, but maybe crazy things and reshuffling will bring about much needed processes and peace in the long run. Here’s hoping anyway. The (latest and greatest) crazy started last week and is far from resolved. What I do know and can say is that it will get crazier before it gets calmer… and I am feeling overwhelmed at the thought. And yet… I am determined that in the midst of crazy I do have to get my life back… or at least make some positive strides in that direction (I know I know, you’ve heard it all before). That being said, my goal for the week is 50 hours — and no more. Walk out the door Reenie. Maybe by posting it here (and on the whiteboard at home where Jenny Pink is threatening to hide my keys if I’ve already worked my 50 by the time Friday comes around) it will help me keep that goal. I’m starting the week by pulling a ridiculously long day today so as to get a bunch of stuff ready for meetings tomorrow. Off to a good start, right? Tally: Monday 15 hours

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