Words can’t express it

It is always SO difficult to put into words what happens on a silent retreat. People ask “How was it? What did you do?” And I never know what to say. It was great, always is. What did I do? Maybe the right question is, “What didn’t you do?”
I didn’t think about work, dream about work. Or work.
I didn’t talk (well except those two little exceptions).
I didn’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to accomplish things.
I didn’t drive anywhere.
I didn’t listen to music, the news, the phone ringing, the tv blaring.
I didn’t cook, clean, repair.
I didn’t.

I didn’t do any of my normal things. I was. I sat. I slept. I prayed. I chanted the psalms with the monks. I meditated. I visited spring in KY. I hiked in the woods and pondered the beauty around me. I asked God a lot of questions that He didn’t necessarily answer. I sat at His feet. I waited.

It was great. If a silent retreat isn’t part of your life, it should be. It is truly an amazing time of grace. And if you’re within 6-8 hours of it, I highly recommend the Abbey of Gethsemani. Otherwise, find somewhere closer to you… just do it!! Even if it is just a day.

I should also mention how FABULOUS it is to visit spring that isa month ahead of our own spring. It is sooooo refreshing. The daffodils were blooming and it was sunny and warm and altogether wonderful.
This year was no different — I leave inspired to take time for more silence in my every day life. I don’t exactly know how to make it happen, I just know I should make it happen. And I’m already counting the days to next year’s retreat…

One thought on “Words can’t express it

  1. I SO need that. It's not silent here even now – at 2:30 am. But seriously…I really think I'm going to book at a place 1.5 hours away. Just need to decide when is the best time to go. Beginning of summer, end of summer, fall or next spring. I'm not going in the winter – I want to be out and about since it's in the blue ridge mountains. Hmmmm…I'll have to ponder it.

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