Any of you who know me at all or anyone who has ever stumbled across my blog probably know I have trouble saying no. “Hello, I’m Reenie, I can’t say no.” “Hi Reenie.”

This relates very closely with my “Take down the sign Reenie” thing. I can’t say no AND people I don’t even know randomly pour out their souls to me and want to be my BFF.

Anyway, I’m working on both. I decided 2011 needs to be the year of NO. And, then realized one evening, that if you turned a 2 sideways, it could be an “N” and then my designer friend KFog made this brilliant logo for me.

And here’s where you come in… This will be the front of the t-shirt or sweatshirt (can’t decide which). But what about the tagline on back??? There are several suggestions floating around already and I’m sure you can come up with more.

“The nodding of my head does not mean I am saying yes”
“So don’t ask”
“Take down the sign Reenie”

I’m also thinking maybe I should get sweatpants with “NO” across the butt too, just for good measure and to be totally klassy.

NO11 probably deserves it’s own category on here. I may have to record my successes (too many failures to count already– did I mention taking my boss’s kids home from work a couple weeks ago?). Anyway, here’s to NO11. Any and all advice and/or encouragement and/or merciless mocking is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “NO11

  1. you're hilarious! I don't have any advice re the clothes (though the idea is awesome!) but I did hear recently that “if you never say 'no' than what value does your 'yes' have?” (although I think that's much more applicable to people who fail to follow through on their “yes” which doesn't seem to be the case at all for you. But the idea is that same: practice saying “no.” …So, here'a start for you: Aunt Reenie, could you please plant a sweet cherry tree in your yard so I can live my dream vicariously through you (and ship me some of its awesome produce). There. Doesn't it feel good to say “no” even if it is an awesome request. 😉

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