Are you a manicure pedicure kind of gal?

For some reason today I am contemplating the extravagances of spa day yesterday. The massage was completely worth it. It wasn’t the best massage I’ve ever had, but I’m pretty sure every massage I’ve ever gotten has been worth it.

But the manicure and pedicure? Let me start by saying I do not consider myself a girlie girl. Bright colored nail polish on my finger nails always distracts and annoys me. I rarely wear any nail polish on my finger nails, actually, and feel fine about it. My feet never look nice. In the summer I paint the toenails and in the winter I simply hide under layers of socks and slippers. In my life, I have had exactly 3 manicures and 2 pedicures (and that includes the ones yesterday). While I enjoyed the experience yesterday and while my feet and hands do look and feel better, I do not think I am a regular mani/pedi kind of gal. Maybe partly because I am so cheap. Or because I really just don’t care enough. It strikes me that I basically paid some nicely made up woman to slough dead skin off my feet and trim my unsightly cuticles. Really?

So… my final thoughts on the matter are this:
1) It was a blast to spend the day with my housemates,
2) It was certainly fun to do something unnecessary and a little extravagant (especially this time of year)
3) I need more massages in my life, and
4) Next time I will slough off my own dead skin, paint the toenails, and call it a night.

3 thoughts on “Are you a manicure pedicure kind of gal?

  1. The nail polish I can mostly do without, but a really good pedicure with friends is a lot of fun. I've gone exactly twice: once by myself someplace nearby (ok, but awkward) and once in CA with my mother in law and sister in law. That one was awesome. They even trimmed and did a clear coat on our nails while our feet were wrapped in hot wax. 🙂

  2. I have to say, I'm with you. I do enjoy a good pedicure – done by myself. I guess I'm too much of a pedicure-snob: I know what I want my toes to look like thank-you-very-much. I'd love to have beautiful finger nails, but have no desire to shell out big bucks to make that happen, so they're as natural as natural can be.

  3. I never bother with manicures. I can think of only 1 I've ever had that wasn't immediately ruined, and that was a gel-filled fake nail set that was pretty permanent but needed to be 'maintained'. You have to be kidding me. Also…I can't ever find a color polish that looks 'right' to me on my hands. Always too orange, or too purple, or too dark or too something. Also rock climbing is hell on nail polish. (and nails, actually…)

    I do get pedicures though. My toes look naked to me with no polish, and I always have them do the little flower. But the thing that prevents me from getting those more often is that it takes SOOOOO LOOOOONG. So I bought some flower nail sticker thingies, and now I can do my own fancy designs. It takes me the same amount of time as the salon, but doesn't cost $20.

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