Ho hum

Valentine’s day came and went… I refuse to let a holiday like that get me down about my single state in life. Not that I wasn’t tempted, but seriously, life is too short.

Good things about Valentine’s day as a single person, okay, maybe just as me:
1. No reason to scout around for the perfect romantic gift, evening, card, etc.
2. Received a flower and chocolate from the boss, very thoughtful.
3. Received no flowers or chocolate from large, dirty man at work who has a crush on me. Whew. That would have been awkward.
4. I left work “early” (before 5) after working an 11 hour day. Made it to Mass and then home for a movie. Definitely low key. No expectations.
5. Suzie always wants to be mine, no matter what day it is (and Maggie bitterly resents being mine).
6. I downloaded photos from my camera, posted a few on here, and enjoyed looking at the pictures of the last couple months — and a lot a really cute munchkins that I love.
7. Home sweet home.
8. And I slept like a baby having gotten only a few fitful hours the night before, the combo of war movie, relaxed evening, and extreme exhaustion made for a great night’s sleep.

There you have it. Happy un-Valentine’s day friends.

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