Take Down the Sign Reenie

I know, another recurring theme… today it was my boss coming into the office early afternoon and begging for someone to take his three girls for the night, he’d had a business meeting he really needed to be at rescheduled for the day he has the girls. He cajoled R, one of the auditors, at length trying to get him to take them. Both J and R gave flat “no”. Then he pulled one of those mean sales tactics on me, where he says he feels bad asking me since its too much like piling on… but he really does need someone to watch them… I resisted as long as I could, and then agreed to take them. I know (hangs head in shame), this clearly isn’t the balance I’m searching for… but really his girls aren’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, the afternoons he has brought them into the office are completely unproductive, but they really are sweet kids.

This foiled my “work from home thursday afternoon” plan, but tomorrow I’m planning to work from home. Though E, the CFO, caught me as I had my arms full of J’s kids stuff and said we should meet tomorrow. Ugh. I said I was working at home for at least the morning but heard myself agree to a noon meeting. What is wrong with me? When my boss got the girls tonight (at 9:15 pm), he said to work from home all day and rolled his eyes at the meeting… maybe this means I can skip out… we shall see.

I will also say that I did enjoy the time with John’s girls. They are really entertaining kids, ages 10, 8, and 4. The older two are great and the youngest is a pistol but was very well behaved for me. She even fell asleep on the couch before the evening was out.

Besides “kids” is on my February Survival List. So technically I couldn’t have said no…

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