Surviving February

This may be a theme here for the next while… it’s kind of the theme in my life right now. My annual February Funk stayed away longer than usual because I was so busy working I didn’t realize it was February. But then it hit with a vengence. And it feels particularly bad on the heels of job adjustment and being overworked in general… so suddenly it hits me that I have no life… I have no balance… I never see my friends… AND I also haven’t seen the sun in weeks.

Once I realized I was headed into the February Funk, I began making lists of activities to do to survive the next stretch, the longest part of winter. Even making lists makes it sound more acheivable.

And here’s the progress so far… Actually, I’m giving myself a gold star for last night. I left work after 7 pm, having been there since 7 am, with a short break for Mass at noon. I finally leave and head for home; it is cold, dark, and I strongly suspect that I hate my life. But even I know it has a lot to do with February and not so much to do with actually hating my life. I walked in the door, trying to ignore the half of the driveway I still haven’t gotten back out to shovel. The boots are overflowing in the entryway. I slide on my slippers, greet the mutts, feed them, and consider turning on a movie, laying on the floor and giving up on life (aka falling asleep as soon I hit the floor). I sat there pondering it for a few minutes and realized I couldn’t afford to fester in the funk. Don’t give in!!! I put my boots back on, bundled up, and headed for the library. Book club awaits (and I am trying really hard to finish the book before we meet). I found that book. Checked out several gardening books (a girl can dream right?) and a few DVDs that I won’t have time to watch. Then I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and stopped by a local sick house to deliver the items, which turned into me coming in and visiting with said sick friends for a bit. And that’s all it took. Festering in the Funk avoided!! Thanks to the library and Busch’s and most of all for the Mitzels for taking me in and saving me from a fate worse than death, the Funk. And a gold star for Reenie for putting the boots on and walking out the door.

And then today, after working hard, getting a lot together for accounting meeting, having the meeting, getting more assignments, scheduling follow up meetings, I walked out the door at 5:20!! Incredible! Look at me leaving the office while it’s still light out! And the sun was even shining!! And to make the day even better, I talked to my sister the whole way home and through a game of ball in the yard and dinner preparation. I got a phone call from my other (adopted) sister (also far away). And then a couple of my friends came by to chat and catch up. And my sister in law was here visiting with one of the homies. Talk about a one two punch for February!! Funk avoided two days in a row!! Hurray!!

Other things that make me really happy: That I haven’t experienced the Flumageddon that is plaguing so many of my friends and their offspring. I may be speaking too soon since I visited said Flumageddon zone yesterday and hung out with two recovering victims tonight… and got sneezed on a lot this weekend. But still… I am grateful. And to those of you still in the war zone, my prayers and deepest sympathies are with you!! Take heart, it can’t last forever!!

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