Stories from CrazyLark

I know, you’re excited, right? Where does this Favorite Aunt go during the day? What are the people like? Why have we not heard stories about huge staplers or the score on who wants to be her friend more? Well, tonight is your lucky night. And I am going to attempt to do this story justice, although lately my blogging is flat and my storytelling abilities may be … well… uh… tired, like the rest of me.

Thursday morning started like most others. I groaned when the alarm went off. I slept 10 minutes longer than I intended to. I made it out the door and to Mass (praise God!). I got to the office around 7:30 am, where B and C were already there. (I know, I desperately need code names for my new work peeps). B is an auditor, a couple years younger than me, hilarious, kindred spirit, and good fun to work with. C is mid-forties, the main estimator for the insulation side of the world. He’s also a lot of fun, quieter, but fun. Anyway, the three of us typically arrive and try to get some work done before all the interruptions begin. And then, just before 8 am, Boss2 enters, beaming, with a toolbox in hand. We do these tests called CAZ (Combustion Appliance Zone) that require a smoke puffer or smoke stick. When we got some equipment stolen a few weeks back, one of the smoke puffers was also stolen. And then R was gone with the smoke devices we did have. So there was a scramble for a smoke making device the day before, which apparently got Boss2 thinking…

So he opens this tool box, where he’s cut foam to hold all the specific tools. Grinning from ear to ear, he goes through them one by one. “Here’s your pen, and your mini flashlight, and your maglight…” He pulls out the large maglight, turns it on, points it around the room. “And then…” He unscrews the lid on the large maglight, removes the bulb, and starts screwing in two wires, that are connected and have some kind of connectors on the ends. Hmmm.

Boss2 goes on, “What flavor smoke would you like? Sage? Rosemary? Cedar?” I’m already too amused to be trusted to speak. B calls for sage. Boss2 takes a piece of this sage chip he’s got, sticks it between the contactors on top of the wire that are now sticking out of the top of the maglight. “Ehh???” More grinning. He turns it on. Seconds later, the sage begins to smoke and makes a perfect smoke stream that smells kind of like thanksgiving dinner. He was so excited, and the others of us couldn’t help our amusement. Boss2 admitted he started the project at midnight. Oh boy.

A few minutes later, another coworker comes in… and he repeats the show. Starting again with the large maglight used as a flashlight. And then impressed the next guy with his brilliant invention. This time I couldn’t help giggling. By the third show, B and I sat at our desks, laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces. Seriously? Boss2 didn’t mind our amusement, but clearly didn’t understand why it was so funny.

To be honest, the regular smoke puffers have all kinds of warning about cancer and the dangers of the smoke. And his puffer smoke does smell better. Is it a little far fetched? Absolutely. Will we use it? Sure. Did it provide a highly entertaining Thursday? No doubt about it.

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