Things that make me happy today

1. Daily Mass (even if the only one I can make it to is way early in the day).
2. A new swear word we made up at work (that isn’t a swear word). And my seamless use use of it. Point for Reenie. And the fact that the actual swear words are being used less.
3. The homies.
4. The puppies. The one that likes to nest. And the one that climbed her whole heavy self onto my lap (can we say neglected?) I need to be home more.
5. A home to go home to at the end of a long day at work. (Is it only Monday?)
6. Slippers and sweatpants.
7. The new ice rink a couple blocks away — I need to go buy ice skates and get out there!!
8. That January is half over…which means it is closer to spring… and it’s flying by.
9. Drinking water.
10. The Christmas tree… that really needs to come down…but in the meantime, it’s still really pretty and has tons of pretty lights on it. =

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