Middle of January already???

I love Sundays!!! As I sit here, by the light of my Christmas tree (still up), drinking my coffee and reveling in a few moments to just be before I get ready for Mass and the rest of the day, I find myself breathing deeply and profoundly grateful for so many blessings in my life.

Yesterday I spent the day at a wedding for two of my young friends (how on earth did they get old enough to get married?) Lauren M. married Mark S. Talk about a small town kind of wedding! As I looked out over the people at the wedding Mass, it was really fun to see all the connections, the intermarrying, the community connections. I was struck repeatedly at the wedding and reception at just how blessed I am to be part of such a unique and wonderful community of people. It was also exciting because I am FINALLY related to Cora, one of my closest friends for many years. Related? you ask. Why of course, it’s simple. My brother (a Cous) married a Mishler, whose sister married a Sauter, whose brothers married Wagners. See? Related. So exciting. Even if it is 4 marriages removed πŸ™‚ … pretty quickly you realize nearly everyone in that crowd is somehow related. Awesome. Oh small town CTK / community circles.

In other news, taking my life back week one was mildly successful. I still managed to work over 50 hours. But at least it wasn’t 60! And in the past week, we finished out Christmas celebrations with my fam on Sunday. Monday I worked a long day and collapsed at home. Tuesday was the snowstorm, evening at home with homie and her boyfriend. Wednesday I managed to get my laptop repaired and have coffee with my girlfriends. Thursday was dinner and catching up with another friend. Friday I went shopping and then chilling with yet another friend. Saturday was the wedding. So… I was uber-social and felt much more connected to my people and my world than I have in the past couple months. But I am not quite to that spot of achieving balance. But I’m still applauding any progress, and have to consider this past week a success.

And finally, halfway through the month, I’ve finalized my January goals:
1. Work on getting my life back
2. Drink more water

We’ll see what I can do with that. πŸ™‚

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