baby steps

Right now I am recording my progress for myself more than you… but hey, I made some small progress so far!!

This is the week I decided to take my life back. This is the beginning of my eighth week at my new job. It feels like I’ve been there forever on the one hand and not long at all on the other hand. And I have got to find some equilibrium and balance in my life again, no matter how much work is dropping on my lap on a minute by minute basis.

Last week was my final involvement with my old job. I am just relieved to be done. I offered to help out in limited ways for about 6 weeks, but it was pretty frying for me because of adjusting to the new job and the holidays!! Anyway, I’m done. And I survived. Whew! Another step toward getting my life back.

Here’s what happened so far this week:

Monday – work 12 hours. Get home late. Visit with my dad who stopped by for some paperwork and to deliver my awesome Christmas gift – a portable table saw!!!! So excited!

Tuesday – work 10 hours. Leave work only 45 minutes later than I intended (I was in a meeting). Arrive home, help homie shovel the drive, make dinner, have dinner with homie and her bf. Wait for friend to come fix computer (I blame the snow). Bake like a fiend. Get to bed at a reasonable hours.

See??? Progress!! Hooray! And I’ve got social plans Weds and Thurs… so I’ve got to leave work at set times.

Not to mention I had a good talk with my boss last week, just about my need to find some way to get everything done while being interrupted every 2 minutes. I think it sunk in, and though nothing has really changed, he is aware of how much more work people are trying to drop on me / involve me in, and he’s better about asking before interrupting. Like I said, progress.

Things are good. I love my job. And look, I’m even making progress towards getting my life back!

One thought on “baby steps

  1. Way to go, Maureen! Your 2nd paragraph sounded very familiar but fill in 8-wk-old-baby instead of new job. Somewhere around 8 weeks into both, it seems like one can finally come up for air.

    Congratulations on your little addition: the table saw!!! That IS an awesome gift. If only we didn't live 600 miles apart, I'd drop by to give my congrats in person (and uh, make sure it was functioning properly) 😉

    Speaking of projecty things, is the green living room helping you feel cheery in the midst of craziness?

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