Since I was last here…

Work continues to be good but insanely busy, especially with all the end of the year billing / tax credit / scheduling work craze. It has been difficult to find uninterrupted time to work on some of the clean up I need to do. One day at a time. I love it, but I’m exhausted. And I’m ready to find that balance in life again. I’m just not cut out for working 50-60 hours a week, especially during this very busy time of the year! We got Christmas eve and New Year’s eve off, though I still went in to work for half a day on New Year’s eve, just to get some of that uninterupted time. Anyway, things are good but I’m still not quite transitioned past the exhaustion just yet. Almost there…

Christmas!! Having a few Scrooges in my family makes me realize just how much I do love Christmas and all that surrounds it. The exhaustion factor this year made me slightly more wary of all the activity, but only because I am tired and have less reserves with which to handle the numerous events with huge crowds – no matter how fun they are. It has been a great Christmas, tiring to be sure, but wonderful. I love the reality of what we are celebrating- God becoming Man. Mmmmm. And I love the traditions, the celebrations, the gifts, the family, all of it.

We are mostly through the Christmas marathon- Christmas eve Mass. Christmas morning I slept late and was home with the dogs and one of the homies for awhile. Christmas dinner with my immediate family (missing the far away siblings and their families). The day after Christmas with the extended Cous crowd – always a blast! The housemates on Tuesday night. And my mom’s extended family on Thursday. All that’s left is Epiphany (when my parents give us our gifts from them) and we’re putting that off a week. And then Owen’s and Suzie’s birthday (Jan 5th) which we’ll also celebrate next weekend most likely.

New Year’s eve was a small and fun affair with some friends. I managed to stay awake until 12:30 (greatly helped by the fact that we were playing games until just about midnight). Then we moved to the couches, toasted the new year, then there was a movie on so I snuggled under a blanket and fell asleep, managing to doze for awhile and then listen in on conversations in a tired haze for the next while. Good times. Welcome 2011.

I don’t have New Year’s resolutions yet. That’s just too much on top of everything else. And as of today I’m getting sick– so I’m drinking copious amounts of fluids, EmergenC, and spent a lot of today just chilling and doing some laundry. Some day I may get around to resolutions, right now I want to survive the rest of this job transition and work on balance in my life. That’s all I got so far folks.

Happy 2011!

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