One of those days…

Today I laughed until I cried at work over the ridiculousness of the past week. Without giving incriminating details, I will try to share the mirth:

Tuesday was rough– The crazy bookkeeper was in, not answering my questions, not making any sense, ugh. Then the accounting meeting, which was really really intense… not a good intense, like the partners at odds with each other intense over some really awful accounting errors made by crazy bookkeeper. Oh boy. I actually thought the most upset party handled it admirably (thought it would be worse really) and was glad it wasn’t my accounting screw up- though it is my mess to help sort out now. Anyway, it was tense. Everything was tense. Then I had to return a dozen calls and head out for a relaxation massage with my sister in law. Awesome. She commented that I was tight. And I was.

I should interject here that in spite of a crazy intense week, working 60 hours a week, feeling like I may be going nuts there’s so much to do… I leave work happy. Peaceful. Feeling like I am doing what I’m good at, solving problems, figuring things out, making progress… beautiful! So it is completely nuts, but still goood. It is so good to like my job. Soooo. good.

Anyway, Wednesday morning was no better. It is our busiest month of the year, the calls, emails, paperwork is endless. L was in working with me in the office, we were attempting to make progress and really just scheduling more work and putting out some fires. Mid-morning, the woman from the office we share comes in and says to L, “Is that your car?” Pointing out the window. We rush out. And here it is, the story of the week…

So this woman was at the building next door and got into a car accident up there. All the driveways slope downward into the parking lots and buildings. So she was up a hill, on the street, and apparently had finished dealing with that accident and went to turn around in the parking lot next door. Somehow her door wasn’t all the way closed… she leaned on it and half fell out of the car, running herself over with her own car somehow (I think maybe just her foot). Then the car continues down the hill, smashing into L’s parked car, making it swerve up onto the curb, and smashing it into the other parked car next to it.

Did you read that?? The woman half falls out of her car, runs herself over, is kind of hanging out of the car while it rolls down the hill and smashes two other cars. All with her grandkids in the backseat. L and I run out there and the woman is hysterical. Completely hysterical. L handles it beautifully, telling the lady not to worry, so long as no one is hurt, things will be fine. Then L comes over to me and breaks down crying on my shoulder. Oh boy. The police and fire department came. Insurance information was exchanged. Hysterical woman calmed down and was unhurt by the whole bizzare incident. The rest of the day L spent dealing with car details, while I continued putting out fires and working my way through the day.

For some reason every single this story was retold, it got funnier. Today L was telling it again (probably my 7th time around) and it just was unbelieveably awesome. I laughed so hard I was in tears. Feeling bad for laughing, but seriously! How freaking hilarious!! (Funnier because no one was actually hurt- although the cars were smashed). And a little disappointed that this happened right outside my window and I only saw the aftermath. Sigh.

Anyway, I hope you have something ridiculous to amuse you today.

2 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. That is pretty funny. I can picture some kid-screaming too. When I was around 7, my mom left me and my sister in the car to get some copies made (in the stone age before all-in-one printers etc. and before you could get arrested for leaving your kids in the car for longer than it takes to put your grocery cart in the corral) and the brakes gave out and the car rolled through the parking lot and into a ditch with me and my sister banging on the back windshield and screaming like maniacs. Pretty funny now, when I remember it, though I was scarred for a while as a kid. 🙂

  2. Oh wow! That is pretty funny and ridiculous, and thank God no one was actually injured! But funny… and I would enjoy seeing you laugh to tears over it 🙂 So glad to know work is that insane and you still feel so positive about the job! That's a very good sign 🙂 Good this happened early on… now you can plan the safest parking spot in the future!

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