I knew I would be exhausted. Transition wipes me out big time, every single time. And this is no exception. And every time, even trying to mentally prepare, the extent of the exhaustion surprises me. So here I am, finishing up week two on the new job and I’m completely exhausted. Happy, but absolutely exhausted. However, I will say, the first week I only worked three days (it was Thanksgiving week) but I worked 9 and 10 hour days, so it felt longer. So far this week I’ve worked 42 hours at the new job and 6 at the old job. And it’s only Thursday night. Thank God for a long weekend (I am visiting friends Friday morning through Monday afternoon).

But, I am happy to report, even days like today, where I worked from 7:45 am until 7:45 pm, I leave happy. Exhausted, but happy. There’s a ton of work. There’s a lot of chaos. There’s a bunch of good people and a lot of problems for me to solve and processes for me to work out, eliminate wasted time and energy, and basically just do everything I do best. And they think I’m great and respect me — amazing how those little things can make even the long days feel better. I’m part of a team– and I like it. Apparently today the general manager told one of my coworkers and the CEO that he’s thrilled because he’s convinced in short order, I will just be running the business. Hmmm.

So… in a nutshell, it’s an adventure. I am happy and feel so blessed to be where I am at. God is good. Happy Advent.

One thought on “Exhaustion

  1. Have you heard the song by CAKE. “Short Skirt Long Jacket”? I feel like a good part of your life calling (aside from accidental life coaching) is “touring the facility and picking up slack”. There are also references to your long days and how you will meet your man. Do your fingernails shine like justice? Here's the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7aDstrDMf0. Hope today is a good one!!! Yay for Saturday!!

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