Mid-Saturday Progress (or lack thereof)

– Sleep in until 9:15– lovely but surprising for me.
– Feed and drug dogs.
– Spoon with the Love Sponge (who is particularly needy today) while coffee brews.
– Visit with the homies and bitches while drinking coffee (I have the greatest homies ever).
– Vacuum living room rugs, sweep living room. Daydream about a vacuum that sucks better than mine. Decide to declutter and reorganize the whole room (but without actually doing so).
– Start clearing dining room table– find source for bad smell: tomato that has gone bad and leaked through basket and onto dining room table. Eww. Kick myself for being so dumb.
– Pick basil leaves off stems for cooking with, throw stems into compost. Decide the yard definitely needs to be raked, scooped, mowed, edged (but without actually do so).
– Dump all the tomato bowls into the sink to wash green and red tomatoes to save myself from another mushy tomato disaster.
– Finish loading the dishwasher and start it.
– Notice the bread that I flopped last weekend. Decide to make crockpot bread pudding.
– Look up recipe for crockpot bread pudding and put everything in the crockpot and turn on (yay!! one thing actually accomplished)
– Go back to the tomato situation. Lots of ripe tomatoes… hmmmm. Look up recipe for oven roasting tomatoes (which I’ve always wanted to try and never get around to).
– Make oven roasted tomatoes– well, get them into the oven, there to roast for awhile. Mmmmm. Smells incredible already. Oh wait, that might just be all the garlic I put on them.
– Check out the kitchen disaster and contemplate making bread since it is already a disaster area.
– Sit down to check facebook and blog about my lack of any real progress so far while eating lunch.

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