Canning Addiction

TGE2010_1575I really am beginning to wonder if I have some sort of diagnosable illness when it comes to canning. Let’s use apples this year as an example: 

I picked a bushel of apples a few weeks ago because I heard it wasn’t a great year for apples around here and I kind of panicked. I did a small batch of applesauce on my own (although I have this nagging feeling someone was over doing it with me… maybe Fiona? I really can’t put a face on my helper right now- and it could well have been just me).

Where was I? Right. Canning apples.  I now have two regular canning crowds—I’ve had one canning crowd for years, with some additions and subtractions to that crowd, but it all evens out. And canning crowds are a trickTGE2010_1795y business. At some point, it is too many people in my kitchen and too much fruit to process at one time. So you can’t just do one big canning day and include everyone and your brother (literally)… it just isn’t efficient at some point (generally speaking more than 4 households of whatever we are canning is too much). So instead, I can in shifts with my two crowds. And strangely this isn’t some major inconvenience to me- I enjoy it. Spending time with people I love while doing a project I enjoy and getting yummy canned goods at the end really is a win win win!!

TGE2010_1792 Last weekend, I went to visit Alexis and we canned sauce at her house, as recounted here and here. I really enjoyed spending the day with Karen and Lex and the cute baby, really catching up with each other while putting up applesauce for the family. (And it was kind of a thrill that the mess was all at her house instead of mine).  

Today was applesaucing with Donal and Lindsey TGE2010_2025(part of one crowd) and Owen and Fiona (who aren’t part of a canning crowd but are people I enjoy immensely). Good fun. We had pizza, irish pub songs, bad puns, and turned 3 bushels of apples into 40 quarts of applesauce in about 4 hours.

The other canning crowd is scheduled to come on Oct. 31st. I’ve done my applesauce already so I’ll just do theirs with them. And I am confident that will be great fun too!!

TGE2010_2057 See what I mean? I’m starting to wonder if I should join some sort of 12 step group. “Hello, my name is Reenie. I can.”  “Hi Reenie.” 

Note: Don’t get me wrong- I don’t only can… I do tons of other stuff, but it does seem that maybe the canning is getting out of hand. But I’m still enjoying it…

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