Quick Takes Friday

1. Today is my Friday. I know I know, it’s only Wednesday, but since it is my last work day this week, it counts as Friday. Of course, instead it was Wednesday AND Friday, meaning my two longest days of the week. Wednesdays are long because I work a normal day, and then stick around to coordinate religious education classes until 9:30 ish… It’s a brutally long day in some ways, but most of my favorite munchkins troop by in the morning on the way to their Atrium class and then stop for kisses and stickers afterward. How could that not be the best part of my week?

2. I am up ridiculously late- I should definitely be in bed, but I was getting stuff done. Pre-trip type stuff. Visiting with my fabulous housemate who now works the opposite schedule as me, so I never see her. Naturally we hung out for awhile. I checked the weather for here (in case of frost) and my destination (in case I actually take time to pack seasonally appropriate clothing). Finally threw in that load of laundry since I need some of the contents for the weekend. Swept the kitchen floor. Canned that tomato sauce I made yesterday. Thought what a good idea it would have been to pack before the morning of leaving (but didn’t actually do it). Tested a new face cream that feels like its turned my face red (I hate sensitive skin sometimes). Cuddled with a couple pooches. Loaded the dishwasher.

3. And now that it is officially 2.5 hours past my bedtime, on a day I worked 12 hours and picked apples on lunch… it does occur to me I had a cup of caffeinated coffee at dinner time. I figured I’d be up for hours and would be tired enough it wouldn’t matter… maybe that is why I’m up boring you to death with a blog post after 1 am.

4. I may have shared how excited I am for a weekend away… a long weekend… a couple days off work. A weekend with lots of buddies, big and small, and some of them being two of my favorite Godchildren. And some of those fun people being the friends I’ll roadtrip down with. So happy. Sigh of contentment. It almost doesn’t bother me that I’ll be up again in only a couple hours and have nothing packed…

5. I’m in the midst of a rough patch in life right now. Trying not to complain, but I know it comes through (sorry all). Every day has just been difficult lately and I don’t get it. I ask God daily to make a way for me.  And today I had two of those moments that kind of took my breath away… the Chilean mining rescue– 33 men were trapped underground for over 2 months and were finally rescued today! Seeing the miners as they came up. The tears of joy and thankfulness on the faces of their family and friends. Thinking about what these men have lived through in the last couple months. Wow, talk about some perspective. And I thought I had a rough day? Not hardly. 

And then a woman came into the office today. She said “I need help. I need to talk to someone.”  Sadly all three of the clergy (the people who are supposed to help such people) were in meetings and unavailable. After she waited a bit, I went over to explain the situation, get a phone number, see if I could do anything.  “We are new to the area. My husband is at the local hospital, he’s a parapalegic and today they told us there’s nothing else we can do.”  The pain and heartbreak of her situation just hit me. Thud. Wasn’t expecting that. I expressed how sorry I was, that I was really glad she came in, that I could have one of the deacons call tomorrow, come visit her husband. She shed a few tears and we hugged. The woman told me that she’d come and parked in our parking lot several times, wanting to come in, wanting to join the parish, but today was the first day she could make herself do it. Why today Lord? Why when there was no one to speak to her (well the clergy anyway). Here she was, a perfect stranger to me, and I was being called to leave the busyness, the craziness, the paperwork (oh Lord the paperwork) and be Christ. Thud. I am so inadequate. Aren’t we all?  And yet, God calls us each to do our part, in the moments of life. The surprise encounters. To see Him in His most distressing disguises, in the hungry, the suffering, the poor, the naked (some of you get this a lot)… to comfort the afflicted. And what this woman gave me was a profound sense of gratitude. Sure, things may not be all that great for me right now, but I am thankful for the ability to walk. Deep breathe. Perspective.  So incredibly important sometimes, isn’t it?

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