Quick Takes Friday

1. This weekend I’m going on retreat with the women in our parish. Usually I enjoy the women’s retreat… this year I am dreading it. I think it’s an overreaction from being burned out at work and hounded by people for every little thing (which is what you get for being easy to work with)… but I am concerned I will be hounded the entire retreat. That the crazies (and even the non-crazies) won’t leave me alone. Like I said, I think it’s an overreaction from some very intense weeks here at work… but it’s making me twitch even thinking about it. I may have to hide all weekend. Or come up with a really sweet way of saying “Um. I’m not at work. I can’t / won’t / couldn’t possibly talk work when I’m not at work.” The bright spot is my friends Michele (from Florida) and Cathy (from Colorado) are coming! I’m looking forward to hanging out with them on retreat, and seeing my other friends there as well. But cringing a little on the inside and thinking about hiding.    
2. There is a woman who comes into my office every Friday after going to Adoration to complain about the flowers in the Adoration chapel. She isn’t even a parishioner. Every single Friday something is wrong: she wants the large bouquet centered (“Isn’t it more important to have the roses in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament than over to the side?”), she thinks the roses are too wilted (“I don’t think it’s appropriate to have wilting flowers in front of Our Lord”) and could I please go do something?! Today was no different. Apparently some of the roses were wilting and others were fine. I try to navigate the weekly encounters politely and give her some room to be OCD, but come on lady, every single Friday? Why don’t you focus on Jesus and forget about the flowers. 
3. I am going to visit some people that I love, with some other people that I love, next weekend. I can’t wait. We will drive Thursday, visit Thurs evening – Sunday morning, drive home Sunday afternoon. Hoo-rah. This deserves a longer quick take—but I don’t know what else to say. I am so so so so so so so excited.
4. My garden is still goingand going. The broccoli that never really got going (because I planted it late) is now getting big—maybe I’ll have fall broccoli instead of spring broccoli this year. The tomatoes are definitely slowing down but still coming. I’m guessing next week I’ll have to just pick everything left and let it ripen inside. The peppers are going crazy. I think I have over a dozen sweet bell peppers to cut up and freeze, and lots of jalapenos, even though I mostly just use those for salsa and have done my couple batches of salsa for the year. Maybe I’ll cut those up and freeze them as well. And I still have some basil, and carrots to dig up. I think that’s it, everything else is done for the year.  
5. Jane drew this image of me this week. I think it just about says it all (note the poorly drawn head and bleary eyes)… 

2 thoughts on “Quick Takes Friday

  1. Whoa flower lady. I'm surprised she hasn't taken matters into her own hands before!

    And in regard to Jane's picture…does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? Maybe it depends on when you ask…

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