Mmmm (aka Ode to Fall)

Sometimes I forget how much I love fall because I am busy dreading winter. This year I fully intend to enjoy every beautiful fall day (and am trying to forget about winter altogether). This week the temperatures dropped to sixties during the day for a few days and fifties at night – really making it feel like fall.  And the colors are starting to change… I do love fall.

I love sweaters. Especially a soft cable knit sweater. And blankets. And sweats, and cuddling up in sweats under a blanket on that one free night of the week. And slippers- gosh I’ve missed my cozy slippers. And jackets. And corduroys. Come to think of it, I love pretty much all fall clothes. And it’s before the “bundle up to survive season” so I really love it. I love cool nights, snuggling under a warm comforter, listening to the wind outside. Mmmm.

I love apple picking, apple saucing, apple pie, apple cider, cider with rum, hot cider, cold cider. Mmmm apples. Cider. Donuts from the apple orchard / cider mill. And pumpkins. And pumkin pie. And whipped cream. and a hot cup of coffee with said pie and whipped cream… while wearing a cable knit and corduroy. Mmmmm. 
I love the sunshiny days, the fall colors, the leaves blowing across the street, fall flowers, the crisp breeze. I love walking down a country road, watching the colors change, the seasons change. The geese flying overhead, leaves crunching underfoot, the mutts tracking down every new smell and also loving fall. Mmmmm.

I love the yard work winding down (yes, I do love yard work, but it is nice to get a break for awhile). I love finishing up the garden, the overabundance of tomatoes and peppers coming in before the frost. Mmmmm.

Mmmmm, yes, I do love fall!!

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