The Great Escape: Days 9 & 10

Day 9: We drove south and took the scenic mountain pass highway. Gorgeous. Have I mentioned how beautiful Washington state is? Well it is, especially the northern part. You should definitely go some day. We stopped for lunch with Kathleen and the kids on our way through, heading southeast toward Salt Lake City, Utah. It was nice to have another visit before leaving… but saying good bye really doesn’t get easier. Teary good byes, giving the munchkins one last hug and kiss through the tears. Oy. My traveling companions pretended not to notice and we climbed into Toby the CRV and headed south. We drove through Oregon, Idaho, and part of Utah, landing in Ogden Utah quite late for our one night at a hotel on this trip.

Day 10, Thursday, Sept. 9: The plan was to get up and go whitewater rafting, why not, right? Well, it ended up being rainy and like 55 degrees and windy. Pouring rain and freezing, in other words. So we opted out of the rafting and decided to just head east early instead of hanging around there. We drove through beautiful Utah and Wyoming. Made some scenic stops. Had a hysterical bathroom stop I really can’t recount here. Saw the countryside, envied some views, enjoyed some cows.  My friend Cathy was flexible and welcomed us into their home in Loveland, CO a night early. We had a nice visit with Cathy and Tim and really appreciated the deluxe accommodations. Have I mentioned that I have really great friends, all the way across the country? I really am blessed!

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