The Great Escape: Day 6 & 7

 Day 6, Sunday, Sept. 5: I got woken up quite early (once again, I was on the couch) by sweet Ellie (before 7 am). Ordinarily I wouldn’t have chosen to get up quite that early after a late night, but honestly, I’m mush over that girlie. She just crawled onto the couch with me and we snuggled for awhile before we were joined by her brothers, who were also excited to see me (though I might win for being the most excited) so we just got up early and read stories, rolled around the floor, and enjoyed being together. Ben is an avid reader these days and can always be found with a book. Andrew reminds me of a puppy—rolling all over his brother, sister, me. Always very busy and happy and downright sweet. Eventually the other adults in the household woke up and we had a good breakfast, showered, and headed for Mass.

 It was a gorgeous day there in Richland, WA. The sun was shining, the weather was mid-seventies and there was a lovely breeze. I really enjoyed just relaxing—hang out with my some of my favorite people, being out of the car, ahhhh. Life is good. Kathleen and Mark’s yard is gorgeous- pretty secluded by hedges from the neighbors and has some big shade trees. My dad had visited a few days earlier and helped put up swings for all the kids, so they spent a lot of time on those great swings and Ben was practicing jumping onto the rope swing and going really high. “Look at me! Take a picture of this!” As you might guess, there are a lot of blurry pictures of Ben as he zooms by on his cool rope swing.

After dinner we went to one of their favorite parks that is along the Columbia river. It is really pretty. It has a great walking path and a biking path along the river that connects to other parks all along the river front. And then we wrapped up the evening playing games after the kids were in bed.  

Day 7 (Monday, Sept 6): Once again, I had some very cute early morning visitors. After breakfast we went to a souvenir type shop to get nerdy t-shirts (well, mine isn’t that nerdy) and then headed to a peach orchard just outside town. We picked over 100 lbs of peaches for Kathleen to can. My first time actually picking peaches! It was another gorgeous sunny, breezy, pleasant day in Richland. Mark, Ben and I drove out to see the Hanford area where Mark is working (though we couldn’t go to his actual job site). It was neat to hear about the area and Mark’s job, etc. Meanwhile Kathleen took the others home to get lunch ready. While the kids napped, the adults played games and visited. We had another great dinner, another evening walk at the river, and then my parents came back from visiting my relatives in Oregon. We were just overlapping our visits this one evening. My mom wasn’t feeling good so she went straight down to bed while the rest of us visited, looked up rafting places near Salt Lake City, and heard stories from my cousin’s wedding in Oregon.  

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