The Great Escape: Days 4 – 5

Apparently I have a record number of photos from these couple days to share… bear with me 🙂 And don’t blame me– I cannot get the pictures to show up how or where I want in blogger today. Very sorry.
Day 4 (Fri, Sept 3): Katie and Leslie had wisely taken the bedroom when we invaded in the middle of the night, so I had the pull out couch, which meant I got to wake up to adorable blonde girlies coming to see who was there! Agnes (age 4) climbed right into bed with me and started telling me stories, with her expressive face and hilarious sense of humor. She reminds me a lot of her grandpa Fred, who is the most expressive story teller I know.
We spent the day with Glen, Lisa, Agnes, Gracie, and Audrey in the woods of Montana. What a blast! We went off-road, fording 3 rivers in the suburban (yay Lisa), got out and hiked to picnic by a rat infested forest service cabin. Saw an actual pack rat, who had filled this small shed full of winter supplies (packed quite well in fact). Hiked partially in a creek to a waterfall. Agnes, the only one wearing boots, kept repeating as we went through this creek “Good thing we’re all wearin’ boots!” Um, we aren’t, honey, just you. Then a few minutes later “Good thing we’re all wearin’ boots!” Nope, still just you. The rest of us just had soggy tennis shoes, but who is counting. I should also mention that Agnes goes for a hike wearing a green polka dotted dress with matching hat (looks like an Easter outfit), with black stretch pants, and knee high rubber boots. Need I say more?
At the waterfall, we took some pictures and then I indulged my urge to climb the rocks next to the waterfall. I’m not sure why, but I do have a thing for climbing around on rocks… well, at least I like climbing up. Coming down was a little scarier (harder to see footholds) so Glen stood at the bottom to break my fall, just in case. I made it down safely and got soundly mocked by my traveling companions for needing to climb the rocks in the first place. We headed back to the Cronk ranch for naps and dinner, to watch the attempted turkey sex (Agnes, indignant at the two males constantly climbing on the one female: “Get off. GET OFF!! Dose boy turkeys keep zumpin’ on ze girl turkey!”), and play with some adorable girlies. More delicious home cooked and mostly home grown food. Mmmmmm.

A few funny quotes from the Cronk girlies (so many to choose from):
I was drawing a picture (badly) for Agnes. She was directing me who to draw next, her, then Daddy, then Mommy (did I mention I don’t draw well) and at some point I drew a very sloppy looking hand. Agnes, with a concerned frown: “You didn’t draw that very good, did I bump your arm?”

Gracie (age 3), pulling her skirt up over her head to reveal nothing underneath.
Lisa: “Where are your undies?”

Gracie: “I took dem off, dey were wet.”
Lisa: “Well pull down your skirt.”
Grace: “But I want my wegs to get cold.”
It was a warm day in Montana.
Audrey at 1 ½ years old just says “Ith” for everything and smiles and laughs and gives great hugs. What a cutie.
Day 5 (Sat, Sept 4): We loaded the car and hung out at the Cronks until lunchtime. Lisa packed us a great lunch and there were many tears (from Agnes anyway) over our departure. I promised to come back for a longer visit sometime when I don’t have quite so much driving or quite so many visits on the itinerary.

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