The Great Escape: Day 5 Continued…

Like I said, we left Lisa and Glen’s just before noon and continued making our way west. We stopped to see the Lincoln Grizzly – who was apparently hit by a car and then stuffed and is now on display for all to see. He’s big. Also, only you can prevent forest fires. Don’t forget that. 

This was also the day Reenie made an error and took a “scenic route”… and not just any scenic route… I like making good time on the road, but I also like to see the beautiful country as we go through it, so I do occasionally opt for a scenic route. This particular route was around Coeur D’Alene in Idaho. It was a huge and gorgeous lake, we’d been in the car for a long while and I admit, I WASN’T thinking clearly!! And the scenic route appeared to just swoop gracefully along the lake, nice and easy, and head back to the main highway. (We didn’t have the advantage of googlemap in the car with us, just Janice the retarded GPS and Katie’s dad’s trusty road atlas). How could you go wrong? Well, let me tell you… First there was that gas station with the huge cow out front, right before leaving Montana, where I went in for chapstick, and we left with two ice cream cones, two hot dogs (yes, you read that right, HOT DOGS from a GAS STATION), two bags of chips, and chapstick. Nice.

Back to the scenic route story (remember the gas station hot dogs).  As it turns out, this particular scenic route consists of two hours (TWO HOURS) of 25-35 mph speeds because we followed every blasted curve on this huge lake, going up and down huge hills and around hairpin turns, with no guardrails the whole way. I was driving and not loving it (though the lake was beautiful, the driving was kind of stressful). However, the passenger in the backseat who had eaten one of those gas station hot dogs was really not loving it. Trying to not throw up she laid back there in agony, cold bottle pressed against her face, pillow over her eyes, listening to my rabid “Why the heck aren’t there guard rails!?!?” Poor Leslie.

We eventually escaped the scenic route (and no one threw up!), found footless Paul Bunyan, and ended up taking a slower but more direct route through the rolling hills of eastern Washington. More farm envy from Reenie. Gorgeous country. And no more gas station hot dogs, so we were okay with the turns and steep grades. We finally made it to Kathleen and Mark’s after the kids were in bed. Great to see them, great to make it all the way out here.

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