Parties and Progress

Last night we had a birthday bash for Jenny Pink and my friend Elizabeth. It was kind of an odd assortment of people, and missing a lot of my friends (though some were here) but was a lot of fun and a good celebration. Not to mention a good excuse to clean the house. Notice the lack of cabinet doors still…

Our newest housemate having her first car bomb. She just got a job, takes her nursing boards on Thursday, and moves in sometime after that. Hurray! We are all very excited to have her move in to the Homestead.

And then today, my on call handyman came over for a couple hours of work, along with me and Leslie, and tada!!

Cabinet doors!!! Eeeeee. So excited. True, a few of them need a little sanding. A few need some paint touched up. A few need the old hardware hole filled and touched up. And I am short a couple handles. And look, I definitely found the door that belongs here totally unpainted in the basement. Ugh.
But progress is progress. And it looks so much brighter and more finished in there. So excited to have doors again, that only took 5 times longer than it should have! And of course, the work is never done, coming up:
— finish complicated trim pieces
— stair nose on the landing
— cupboard door touch ups
— hang pictures
— add more cute kid pics to the fridge

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