Re-entry into the real world, and very specifically, my job hasn’t been easy. I love coming home after traveling, but of course, at home, I’m always about a dozen steps behind on everything.

And work… oh work… Let’s just say I left very strategically in the two weeks between the end of registration and the beginning of everything religious ed related. So when I got back, not only do I have my regular full time office admin stuff to do and catch up on, but I also have ridiculous amounts of late registrations, questions, program stuff to get together, lots of meetings… Basically I am swamped. Don’t get me wrong, I care more about the religious ed side of my job- it’s a good challenge, good work to do, and a lot that needs to happen. BUT… it may have been unwise to take on what should be a full time job on top of another full time job, no matter how mindless and boring I was finding the original full time stuff. Regret runs deep right now. Maybe in a month or two things will slow down a bit, or return to a normal frantic pace, but right now I’m buried… and that lovely two week vacation seems like a lifetime ago, not just a few days. And mostly I’m ready to escape again.

I have friends who have said it isn’t work taking vacation because it’s too much work to prepare and recover from them… I can’t say I’m there. That two week trip was fabulous- probably the highlight of my year… but ugh, recovery is pretty rough right now.

So if you don’t see me for a month or two…

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