The demon in our house

There she is…

This is our visiting Spasto dog. She would be a sweet enough dog, but she is completely untrained. and she barks incessantly. and she is driving us INSANE. Insane, I tell you. We try to wear her out– minutes later, she’s getting into something, or barking for more attention, or chewing the corner of the rug. Ahhhhh.

And then eventually, when she stops barking because she’s so exhausted she can’t stay awake, she does this:

which is completely against the rules here in the Nichols Homestead, where dogs are dogs and remain on the floor. But at some point I just can’t fight anymore. And if she is quiet, I can’t bring myself to move her and make her start barking again. (As I write this, she is crated in the basement because the barking was on my last nerve).

The one funny thing she does is when you spray the hose she goes nuts, trying to eat (while choking on) the jet stream, and dancing in the water. Cute. And then she shakes all over you repeatedly, not so cute.

The countdown is on. Spasto-dog leaves on Monday, August 30th. That’s 6 days… only 6 more days…

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