I always get a little reflective around my birthday. What has happened in the last year? What does the next year hold? How am I this old already? (I swear I don’t feel a day over 25) What is God doing in my life? (the eternal question).

When I look back, my initial thought is this: 30 was a rough year from start to finish. Lots of challenges large and small, but most notably (or what immediately comes to mind):
–I lost a job I loved a month after turning 30. More job hunting. Took a job that is a challenge– and continues to be a challenge for me. Not a challenge in terms of content, but basically everything else. Clearly an opportunity to grow in holiness…
–I lost an ovary. Nothing like a medical crisis (my first ever) to throw things out of whack and give you some extra perspective… and set you back months on the to do lists.
–I lost a sister and her family to a far away state. It is hard saying good bye, even when it is the right thing. Thank God for employment and His guiding… but why is it SO far?

And yet, there are a lot of blessings mixed in (way too many to list):
— two fantastic housemates
— insurance to help pay for the above medical crisis and a fabulous doctor to walk me through it (thanks to that oh so challenging job).
–amazing friends and family
–a new Godson, Davy boy
–new babies
–a big kitchen project (also be one of the challenges of the year)
–grace in abundance from a Father who loves me
–time with my grandparents

So I end up looking back on a very full year… a good year, a hard year, and ultimately a year I will never have to repeat. God is faithful. May I decrease as He increases in me.

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