News of the day

It is a gorgeous evening at the homestead. After a couple weeks of oppressive humidity and hot weather, it cooled down today to what I consider a perfect summer temperature, with a nice breeze. So we turned the AC off and we are back to life as it should be, windows open, breeze wafting in, three dogs in peace and harmony (yes, I’ll explain about a third dog), and a moment to sit down before starting my evening tasks. Oy.

So… this mysterious third dog. You got another dog Reenie? Really? No. I did not get another dog. The homestead is now and will remain a two dog household for the foreseeable future. However I am not good at saying no, as you may remember. Sigh. So some friends have a friend staying with them. He just got a job in the area while his wife and kids are packing up and selling the house in Florida. Turns out he needed to drive up with the dog last week and was desperate for a place for her to stay with a fenced yard. The mutual friend he is staying with has a huge unfenced yard, not ideal for this pup. I said I would be okay with it for a week or two (or so I thought) if this dog got along with Maggie. Maggie is a very dominant bitch. There’s just no way around it. Some dogs won’t back down, which causes there to be fighting because Maggie will not back down. ever. So I said if the meet up went fine, we’d house his dog for a few weeks.

The meet up was okay. Maggie was her usual growly, territorial self, and this little dog rolls right over submissively. No fighting, just immediately admitting to Maggie’s superior bitchiness. That first day Dallas was uber submissive and rolling over constantly for both of my dogs- even Suzie of no backbone. She was mousey and quiet and unsure. She had just been in the car for 22 hours coming up from Florida. And then… the real Dallas got going the next day. We call her Spasto-dog. She is everywhere all the time. Barking. Weaving between your legs. Wanting to play. Wanting to piss off Maggie. Moving shoes around the house. Not listening to a blessed word we say. Sigh. She is awfully cute but clearly needs a lot of training. So for the next couple weeks, she’s introducing chaos into our lives. And then she will leave, and it will be so blissfully quiet and well trained around here we won’t know what to do with ourselves.

Also… today was one of the best Mondays I’ve had in awhile. It’s amazing how some great news scattered throughout the day can perk up even a very busy Monday at work. Since this is the interwebs, I will be vague-ish and just say the following:
— Two friends I’ve been wanting to date for a long time now started dating last night. Eeeeee. So stinking excited (and not just because Lindsey and I are such awesome matchmakers).
— I get to see my good friends who live out of state this week, a couple times even!! Gosh I miss living in the same state! I’m thrilled to pack a couple visits into a busy trip for them. And have I mentioned they come with four beautiful munchkins that I love?
— I’m loving life here at the Nichols Homestead. I have two fabulous housemates– both no-drama, fun, great ladies. Evenings when we are home are low key and delightful. God is good. And they put up with my scattered life, being behind on everything, and the random annoying dog staying here for weeks at a time. God is good!!
— I get a new to me car in two weeks. It’s my aunt’s Honda CRV, my long time dream car. Imagine the things I can haul in that lovely vehicle! Two dogs and a crate at the same time! Lumber. It even has a trailer hitch!
— Two weeks from today two of my friends and I will climb into said new car and head west on a road trip adventure to visit Kate and Mark at their new digs in Washington State and stopping to see lots of friends along the way. I can’t wait! What an adventure! And looking forward to that trip has made saying good bye a little easier– oh not easy, it definitely wasn’t pretty, but better to say “see you in a month” than just plain good bye. Not to mention my love of road trips (I know, I can still do that– I don’t have munchkins in tow).

Okay, that’s the latest. Happy Monday to all of you!

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