Weekend Plans, or lack thereof

This weekend I have three of my favorite munchkins staying at the Homestead while my sister heads a couple hours north to be in a friend’s wedding. I’m always happy to get to spend some good quality time with great munchkins, and even more so now since these guys will be moving across the country in a few short weeks. My coworker asked me yesterday if I have the whole visit planned out. Um… What do you mean “planned out”? Yes, I’m a planner, I plan. But a weekend with the munchkins? Nope. Not a plan in sight. The plan is to hang out, to keep them fed, happy, and enjoy our time together. The plan is to put some water in the baby pool and spend some time in the yard. The plan is to not count on getting anything done around the house, so if I manage to get anything done, it’s a bonus.

There are a few set things in the weekend of variables: I will sacristan for the Saturday evening Mass at Church (with munchkins). I will have Andrew down for naps at the appropriate times. Hmmm. Yeah, I think that’s it. The rest of the plan is to not plan. To revel in the joy of the moment, of childhood, of being together.

Happy weekend, friends.

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