On recovery… and patience…

So… I must say, this recovery thing is still not my cup of tea, despite good progress as far as I can tell. Here’s the thing, the inability to be super productive (particularly on Saturdays) really does kill me. Kills. Me. I am still trying very hard to be good because I really don’t want to drag this out any longer than necessary, but wow, it is definitely a lesson in patience. I assume all my mommy friends out there know this – I know you’ve experienced this in lots of ways, that everything takes 12 times longer than it should. However, there is one notable difference, you all have really cute (and needy) reasons for this. Me? I’ve got a 6″ incision in my stomach. Not nearly so cute. I am ready to walk at my ridiculously productive pace again, work as long as I decide to, and just get back to my full energy insanity. aaahhhh. Patience. Still working on the patience thing. One day at a time.

On a positive note, today I weeded a lot, probably 3 hours total, with breaks in between, and I’m finally beginning to see progress (and yes, I am sore right now). I also watered the poor parched garden and managed to thread my soaker hoses through the tomato half of the garden to give them a good drink too. I think I can say I’ve gotten about 75% of the vegetable garden at least under control. Not perfect. Not weed free, but at least to the point that you can see what is actually growing there. Just 25% to go and then weaving soaker hoses through the rest of the garden and putting down straw for mulch. Though it wasn’t nearly what I’d like to have accomplished, I think it was a decent amount for a three weeks post-surgery Reenie. I also managed to grocery shop, talk to my BFF on the phone for an hour, look up chicken coop plans (on one of those between weeding breaks), and am considering a shower at some point. I know. Look at me go 🙂

And now it is time to end this very trivial blog post.

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