Off to a good start?

By the time I finally left work on Friday, an hour after I’d started leaving, I didn’t think the long weekend was going well. I missed my hair appointment. I was sore from being at work all day. I was kind of cranky. And traffic was bad. Sigh.

But sometimes the little things have an amazing ability to turn things around. I sat on the patio and read the town newsletter with my feet up in this fabulous chair that I don’t typically spend much time actually sitting in (thanks Kara). I made a batch of sangria (yay for summer sangria). I threw the ball for an attention-starved, ball-starved mutt. I wandered to the berry corner and found a whole bowl full of ripe raspberries!! This is my third year with the raspberries bushes and the first time I’ve found more than 6 ripe at the same time. True, it is a tiny bowl, but these little jewels definitely made my day.

Then Jenny Pink came over and we drank some sangria together. And she’s just terrific in general and fun to hang out with. Definitely a kindred spirit. And she’s thinking about moving in, which I’m very excited for. Better yet, the move in conditions include finishing the cabinet doors (covering her bedroom to be) and painting the bedroom! Two projects I desperately want to finish but, thanks to this whole recovery thing, have made no progress on. Woo hoo!!

I would have to say, I did get off to a good start after all, even after the work and haircut fiasco. Today I slept in, visited with Susy (a friend who is visiting for the weekend and making it very confusing having a dog by the same name), drank some great coffee, and now I’m determined to make some progress on that weed patch that has some vegetables hiding in it somewhere. Maybe before it gets horribly hot….

Happy Independence Day, friends. Happy long weekend. Happy July!

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