From this vantage point…

As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time here on the couch. A lot of time working from home. A lot of time just being here on the couch. It is a new vantage point for me, for the most part. I mean I do sit here occasionally to “watch” a movie (meaning I’m doing something else at the same time). But these past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time here on the couch, lots of times noticing my surroundings. And what do I see?

Hmmm. This siding has been warped since I moved in, and for years I’ve meant to fix it, but I don’t actually sit and look at it ever, so it has never even made the to do list. But good heavens, now I’ve been looking at it for 3 weeks and really wondering why I’ve waited so long to fix it.

And look at this:

Ewww. How does the underside of vinyl siding get so gross? Clearly this should get cleaned! How I have never noticed this either?

And look at this dismal looking light? Sure, it’s functional, but hello ugly.

And this door. It has needed a coat of paint since I moved in too (nearly 8 years ago)– you can see the white primer under this topcoat from up close. But only in the last three weeks have I really wondered how I’ve let it go this long, and pondered what color to paint it. And considered some cute flowery curtains on the inside of the windows, just for effect.

Not to mention the unslighly cracked, sunken concrete patio that has driven me crazy for years. But it is one of those labor-intensive and money-intensive projects I just haven’t been able to do yet. Some day though…

I think the moral of the story is that I am not a couch person. There are couch people who spend a lot of time there and never seem to find the motivation to get up, or notice their surroundings and the projects therein. Instead, I am a motivated projects kind of person who only spends time on the couch when necessary, and somehow this time on the couch is resulting in more projects to accomplish once I get up. Somehow I didn’t see this coming.

2 thoughts on “From this vantage point…

  1. LOL! “Hello ugly” definitely made me smile! We have that same back yard light, but only a single, not a double and boy is it U-G-L-Y! Even worse with just one, I think b/c it just sticks straight out, announcing it's ugliness without a twin to balance it. Anyway, 'nough said, I'm with you, time for a change!

  2. You're concerned about the UNDERSIDE OF YOUR SIDING, and you thought I was over the edge thinking that my garage door needed a scrub? Although I've noticed a similar phenomenon…being incapacitated makes CDO-ness kick into overdrive.

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