I am blessed

I’ve started a post several times but never know quite what to say. Here we are, a week post-surgery, and I’m still not entirely sure what to say. Rather than recount the gorey details of my surgery last week and the ongoing recovery, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of how blessed I am.

I was in the hospital from Weds at 11 am, surgery at 1, and through recovery (a traumatic experience until the epidural) and finally in a room shortly after 6. My parents were waiting for me there, with another friend (who is a nurse at St. Joe’s and will marry my cousin later this summer). My dad brought me Communion. They stayed awhile to visit, joined by others later in the evening… In fact, my entire time there was a rotation of people coming to visit– I really think it was probably the best hospital stay ever!! (Especially while the epidural was in and the pain was under control). I got some funny looks from the nurses, who I am sure wondered how it was possible every time they came into the room to see different people there. I received chocolate, games, oreos, flowers, cards, artwork from munchkins, hugs and kisses, prayers, phone calls, and people who just kept me entertained while I was stuck there in bed. I just kept thinking how blessed I am with a terrific family and terrific friends who take such good care of me!

I went home Friday afternoon and my at-home recovery has been very similar. The narcotics and pain killers have not been very effective, which is kind of a let down, but they do take the edge off the pain. In the last week I’ve spent more time sitting still than maybe ever before in my life. Weird. But once again, the time has been filled with visitors, phone calls, digital scrapbooking, working from home, pretending to pay attention to movies, and blessings. I am itching to get up and do a lot of stuff, but the pain has kept me in check (perhaps a blessing in disguise). Yesterday was the first day I could detect the pain was a little less and progress in any form is very encouraging. I can’t even begin to express just how well people are taking care of me- Communion every day, dinners, house cleaning, entertainment, visitors, all of it. I am so blessed.

Although this is clearly not how I intended to spend the month of June, I am blessed and thankful. I’m happy to be on this end of the surgery, the worst behind me, and on the upswing. God is good.

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