Taking it easy may be the death of me

I love Saturdays, and usually Saturdays are my high energy, high efficiency days to try to get everything done (and failing to get it all done every single time!) Today was no different… it is Saturday after all. And even on serious pain killers and “take it easy” mode, I do assume I can get a lot done. I’m actually off the vicodin, the doc prescribed me some super strength ibprofen to take alternating with the vicodin, but I think it actually works better. So the last two days I’ve only been on the ibprofen and it’s nice because there’s not the same woozy drugged feel as with the vicodin. Anyway, this morning I woke up in less pain than usual, took my usual dose of ibprofen, loaded the travel mugs with coffee, and the homie and I headed out the door by 7:15 am to hit the strawberry patch. And I don’t care what she tells you, she did it voluntarily. I said I was going strawberry picking and going early, she looked skeptical, but said she’d have to come along. Who am I to argue? Although, once Saturday morning hit, she wondered what on earth was wrong with us!

As usual, there are crazier pickers than I who probably made it to the fields right at 7 am when the picking started. I felt pretty good about 7:40. We picked for a little over an hour and got 30 lbs of strawberries- large, juicy, tasty, wonderful berries. They are sitting on the table waiting to be washed, jammed, and some frozen. As you can see, I haven’t gotten all of it quite done.

On our way home, we stopped at a few subdivision wide garage sales and did quite well. We each got a couple games and movies, I got a fabulous glass cake dish with lid (for a whopping $3), and (try to contain your excitement) 5 soaker hoses for $1 each. jackpot!! I know, most of you didn’t know soaker hoses could totally make my day (even more than the awesome cake dish) but I have a couple already, but not enough to thread sufficiently through the huge vegetable garden to really make watering easy. Now… look at me, $5, 5 more soaker hoses… and now I just need the energy to go out and do said threading through the garden for easy watering. Maybe tomorrow…

We made it home and cleaned for a while and then I hit some sort of wall. The energy was gone. The nausea set in. The comatose Reenie passed out on the couch for awhile. Then took more ibprofen. Then the anti nausea drug. Then drank some coke…. and yes, she’s still wiped out. Sigh. I’m not even done cleaning the kitchen. Haven’t touched the dining room. Need to put clean sheets on the bed.

No. energy. I don’t like this girl. Usually, the Reenie I know can do anything (and does) and can power through most slacking impulses… but this is different… I really can’t convince myself to get off this couch. So… here I am writing a stupid post. And I’m sure I’m proving to you all that 1. I am a terrible patient. 2. I have no earthly idea how to take it easy. 3. Strawberries are so worth it. 4. Softball sized ovarian cyst is no laughing matter. and 5. I may be asking for help sometime soon. I hate asking for help– hate it with a passion. But there are a couple flower beds that must be weeded at some point (and won’t wait the month). And those soaker hoses have got to be strategically placed in the garden… and…

Yeah, this “taking it easy” may kill me yet… I’m just glad surgery is just a couple days away… and maybe some day all of this taking it easy will just be a distant memory and I can go back to powering through crazy Saturdays.

4 thoughts on “Taking it easy may be the death of me

  1. Good gravy, Maureen. Your “take it easy” days are more than I would be proud of in a “high energy” day (esp. the out the door at 7:15 on a Sat. bit!) Anywho…what anti-naseau med are you on? I hope, for your sake, it's not Compazine. That stuff is from the devil. Speaking of which, many prayers heading God's way for you! I love you, and hope this is behind you real fast after surgery!!!

  2. Thanks Fester. I'm on zofran for the nausea, which seems to work well and I'm not experiencing any ill side effects from it (not that i know of anyway). Thanks for your prayers!!

  3. I had the same experience with the Vicodin and super-strength ibuprofen. I wasn't into the woozy feeling either.

    You are in my prayers, though I also wish I could do more!! If I could, I'd be crouched down in front of your flower beds pulling pesky weeds and moving soaker hoses.

  4. Well, if you need help with the garden and are willing to talk me through it step by step, you can count on help from me. Possibly even Jonathan, he actually likes that kind of thing…

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